What’s in the Bag?


What’s in the bag? Go to any photography workshop, class or outing with other photographers and everyone wants to know, “What’s in the bag?” People would classify photographers as a bunch of gear-heads and they would be correct. After all photography is all about how to manipulate the light into just the right spot to capture that perfect moment and what better way to do that than with a bunch of gear..

Which brings us to “the bag.” That’s the starting point for any great photography adventure. I myself have three camera bags all serving a different purpose. The first is a backpack sling bag. I use this for shorter trips and only carrying minimal gear. The second is a larger backpack that I can fit two cameras, four lenses, one or two flashes and my filter pack. The third is a shoulder bag that I take for small outing with one camera, one lens and a flash. The fourth way I carry gear is with a speed belt and detachable bags. This is a great option for events or if you are off to do a little hiking and you want to keep your camera out, but still have a lens and a place to put your keys or a snack. This is a very nice option if it's hot outside. If you order one just make sure you get the right size. I ordered mine a bit larger to fit around a jacket or bulky sweatshirt. I also bought the bag that would hold my 70-200mm lens, that way it will hold all my other lenses. Just click on the picture for further details.



I mentioned in my blog that I used a rain sleeve in Iceland and that I had trouble with it. This is the one I was using:


And this is the one I just purchased to replace it. I have not tried it yet, but it is made of much sturdier materials and I also like the fact that it has specifically designed places for your hands versus one long tube.