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beautiful birthday wishes Excellent page, Stick to the good job. Thank you.
Fotonic Images, LLC
Janis, it sounds like you have a very interesting family history story. I would definitely pursue any information that you could find. Unfortunately I am not an expert in this field. I would check with the Daughters of Norway. I am sure they would be able to help you.

Thank you for sharing your story with me.
Janis Roelofson Williams(non-registered)
My maternal grandfather was adopted by a Norwegian couple that lived near Grand Rapids Michigan Boletta Munthe was of a wealthy family, fell in love with a farmhand, which I understand was considered an embarrassment to a mothers side of family. Bernhard Sverre moved to USA, changing his last name to Storm (supposedly after a farm named Stormovik land holding, Storm o vik) Boletta, later moved to USA, where I understand they married, they had a farm near Cascade Michigan, they had a child,Svette Storm, that died at an early age. BERNARD Storm (Benjamin Loundry of Ontario Canada, was accidendally given up for adopted at age 3,as was his baby brother, Lee, when their mother died during childbirth. Bernards siblings saw him later in michigan with his adoptive mother, who denied he was adopted at first, then admitted to the truth. He and his siblings were able to stay in touch with each other the rest of their lifes.What I am wondering is what style bunod would Boletta have worn for the area she grew up in? Her brother Gerhard Munthe became a world famous designer and artist in Norway. I have a photocopy book that Gerhard wrote MINDER OG MENINGER about growing up in Norway, but it is in old Norwegian and I dont know where in Norway the family lived to determine the style of bunad Boletta may have worn.
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