Jerome Arizona

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Jerome Arizona

Jerome Arizona

Jerome Arizona in Less than 1 MinuteJerome Arizona in Less than 1 Minute

            It’s been a strange winter here in Minnesota. Lots of cold without any snow and I love snow. It’s downright boring around here without the fluffy white stuff. You can imagine my excitement when some friends of ours asked us to go to Sedona Arizona with them for spring break. It took all of about five minutes for us to say yes.

            Our flight was uneventful, and we arrived in Phoenix on Saturday the 24th of March, at 6:30 P.M. Arizona time. Our first goal, procuring our rental car. One might think this would be an easy task, especially since I had reserved it in advance. But alas that was not to be. I guess it’s just part of the adventure. While we arrived an hour and a half before our friends they were the ones waiting for us. So much for booking a car in advance. But we were on vacation and we didn’t have to wear coats.

Our next task was to pick up our friends a terminal three. Have you ever tried to find terminal three at the Phoenix airport? Lots of signs, but always in the wrong lane. Not sure who designed this airport, they must have spent too much time in the sun. Friends procured we grabbed a quick bite to eat and braved the crazy Saturday night traffic. Motorcycles and super-fast drivers everywhere! Hopefully the rest of the trip will be a little more laid back. By time we arrived at our rental house we were all pretty much ready for bed.  With quick good nights it was off to dreamland.

We woke refreshed and ready to start exploring. We started by exploring our rental house. A new, two-bedroom condo in Clarkdale, Arizona. A Vacation Rental by Owner, the house was reasonably priced, clean, in a quiet neighborhood and had a super location. Located about twenty minutes from Sedona between Cottonwood and Jerome it was the perfect location to go exploring.

After coffee and a nice hot shower, we headed up the hill to Jerome. Jerome was interesting. There are some cool shops, great restaurants and an awesome view. You could see for miles. Jerome is a rough and tumble mining town that has reinvented itself into a tourist town bustling with unique shops and eateries. Jerome Arizona-130Jerome Arizona-130Tattoo Anyone?

If you go, I would recommend stopping in the kaleidoscope shop, Nellie Bly - kaleidoscopes and art glass. It is the largest dealer of kaleidoscopes in the world. And while we didn’t have an opportunity to eat in Jerome, Bobby D’s BBQ and the Haunted Hamburger came highly recommended to us. They will definitely be on the list for our next visit.

Jerome Arizona-123Jerome Arizona-123Bartlett Hotel

We walked around town, which is quite interesting, there is some very interesting buildings, sculptures and ruins. The Bartlett Hotel with it’s collection of toilets is quite humorous and you can practice throwing coins into the assortment of bowls. Jerome Arizona-122Jerome Arizona-122Coin Toss All the change collected goes towards restoration and preservation of the area. You can meander by the old jail and take in the spectacular view. There is mine museum which talks about the importance of copper mining in the development of the town. To read about the towns history you can visit: Home Sweet Jerome or the Chamber of Commerce. There is a ghost town a couple miles from town. The road leading up to the trading post where you pay a small fee to enter the ghost town is littered with old cars and pieces of machinery.

We did not pay to go in to the ghost town area so I can’t report on the interest level, but if you are interested in old cars it might be worth the drive. I would also think if you are traveling with children they would find the ghost town interesting and fun. In my opinion Jerome is a great stop if you're in the area. Though I would recommend going up the hill a little later in the day, either having a late lunch and then hit the shops or hit the shops and have a nice dinner. Remember, Jerome Arizona is a destination for people, so know that at peak times you can have trouble finding parking and you could wait for an hour or more for a seat at a table, just be patient and enjoy Jerome's unique atmosphere. As for us we were ready to head to Sedona, to explore the town and do some hiking.

To view more images from Jerome, Arizona visit: JeromeAZ


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