What to Focus On?

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What to Focus On?


Last week I wrote a little bit about my most recent trip out west. This week I am struggling as I consider what to fill this blog post with. Do I go back and write about Glacier or do I continue to write about my most recent trip? I haven’t even finished processing my trip from Iceland a year ago, how sad is that? Then there is the conundrum about Las Vegas. I mean how can I write about trips and beautiful places when there is so much sadness in the world? It was a terrible thing that happened and I feel so sorry for all the people that had to endure such a horrific event. Though I must say it is very uplifting to see all the people who risked their lives to help others during the shooting and the outpouring of people who came together to donate blood, and supplies afterwards.

As I ponder all of this though, I think, I write and take photographs, because I want to show that there is beauty in this world, even though it can sometimes be very ugly. Whether it’s a portrait, or a beautiful landscape, each and every image shows the beauty of my subject and the world around us. It might be a simplistic view, but I think we often forget to look around us. We forget that there is beauty in nature as well as in each other. We rush around, ignoring everything around us, instead of pausing to see what is important. I believe that is part of the reason I love traveling and working with people, because it allows me to pause and see the beauty in the world. I try to keep remembering this as I look over all my images and wonder where to start.

The beginning? Well, that would be January when I went to San Antonio for the Professional Photographers Association conference.  Or would that just be summer travels starting in May?  I did some calculations this morning and figured I’ve driven over 7500 miles this summer.  That is a lot of miles. I have also met and talked with countless people along the way. It has been a great joy to take moments out to chat with total strangers about their journey. I love hearing about their adventures and places they’ve gone. I get lots of ideas about where to go next and I get a glimpse into the joy that I share with others about this beautiful world.

But that still doesn’t help me to figure out which adventure to write about or which pictures to post. I lean towards writing about my most recent trip, because that is the freshest in my mind, and while there were some cool things that happened, there were also some really cool things that happened on my other travels. Should I write about the people? The funniest person I met was in San Antonio at the Alamo. He was from Australia. He lives on the Gold Coast not far from where a dear friend of mine lives. Then there was the cute couple I met in Montana who said they came for vacation and never left. Then there was a lady we met in North Dakota on my most recent trip who was there with her mother and was thrilled to be there because she had planned it for two years or the cute retired couple who said they’d been on the road for over six weeks and couldn’t wait to get home.

Six weeks on the road! What an adventure. Could I, do it? I think I could. I would at least like to try. My husband and I talk about it. It sounds so romantic, just he and I, on the open road, going wherever the wind takes us. Our kids have moved back home so we’d have people to take care of the dogs (aka the Office Staff), chickens and the lawn. We had a nice taste of this type of lifestyle when we went to Glacier for ten days. We managed to live in twenty-nine feet with all our stuff and we didn’t kill each other or break an ankle on all our shoes. I mean seriously, do you realize how many pairs of shoes you need? You need hiking boots, then you need water shoes, sandals, tennis shoes and of course I have my extra hiking shoes, not boots, then it’s nice to have a pair of slip on shoes to wear around camp so you’re not tracking in all kinds of debris, saving on cleaning. Because who wants to clean when you’re in the middle of Glacier National park? Not me. I want to be hiking and exploring.

A Little Lake Action from McDonald LakePeaceful water sounds and pretty rocks - McDonald Lake Glacier National Park

A short video clip from McDonald Lake Glacier National Park


And then there’s clothing. I have to pack extra because well, it might be cold or hot, or rainy and I don’t want to be cold, hot or wet and I definitely don’t want to be stuck in a laundromat if I don’t have too.  Though if we go for more than ten days we will be doing laundry. I won’t even go into the amount of photo gear that comes with me wherever I go. I also don’t like to grocery shop, but our food was to say the least awesome. We grilled every night and I made little quiches before we went with eggs from our chickens. Quick and easy and more importantly no dishes. I make them in little plastic muffin type cups that I got off amazon. You can put anything you like in them out favorited are spinach, bacon and feta or potato, sausage, bacon and cheese. I’ll include the recipe and a link to the cups at the end in case you would like to try them. I have tried just using muffin tins but even with spray coating them with oil they were a mess to get out and clean.

So, adventure on my friends and enjoy the wonderful ride that is life!

To view more images from my journey please visit: North DakotaSouthDakotaIceland



Basic Quiche Recipe

12 eggs beaten

2 teaspoons dry mustard

2 teaspoons salt

1 teaspoon pepper

4 cups milk or half and half

Optional ingredients

Bag of hash browns

Shredded cheese

Feta cheese

Browned and drained bulk sausage

Browned, drained and crumbled bacon



Your favorite veggies

Mix eggs and seasonings. Place your favorite ingredients in the bottom of quiche cups, filling about a ¼ to ½ way, then top with egg mixture leaving ¼ inch to ½ inch from top of cup.

Place cups on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 30 to 40 minutes or until cooked through. Allow to cool, then place in a large Tupperware, separating layers with waxed paper and freeze. Reheat in microwave for about 5 minutes.



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